Back-to-school safety is everyone’s responsibility

First Student School Buses

With July over and the days of August already upon us, it will soon be a regular thing to see school buses on the road to bring all the boys and girls to school. Some schools in Northwest Arkansas have begun, with most starting classes in coming weeks

The state of Arkansas takes the roadways very seriously and here at On Time Logistics, we do too. With that in mind, we decided to share tips for everyone who will be sharing the roadways this school year.  We’ve already shared tips for navigating the school bus routes when you’re driving a regular vehicle, but today we want to share tips for both drivers and pedestrians for school bus safety. Continue reading

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Meet: Larry Simmons

Larry Simmons

Larry Simmons joined On Time Logistics as a delivery driver in March of this year and he tells us that his favorite part of his job is the chance to meet new people and having the opportunity to deliver their products in a timely manner.

Larry comes to us after 31 years in the fiberglass industry, where he served as 2nd shift warehouse lead for five years. His new job with On Time Logistics requires him to do more driving, in part because he’s delivering to a wider-based customer field. It’s a good thing he loves to drive!

“Before, I was just driving to and from our warehouses,” Larry explains about the difference. “I love going to new places and meeting new people.”

Larry tells us that he loves old cars and going to car shows and drag races in his spare time but his first love is always his family!

“They mean everything to me and they come first,” he said.

We’re pleased to have Larry as part of our driver team. Are you interested in also becoming a driver at On Time Logistics? Or do you know someone looking for a job and is willing to work flexible hours? On Time Logistics is looking for truck delivery drivers and independent contractors for our courier delivery jobs in both Tulsa and Springdale. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Tim Ray at 479-717- 2206 or by email at

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4 Tips for small business to maintain positive customer service in a decreasingly personal business environment.

IMG_0814In a business environment that is increasingly faster-paced and less personal, small businesses are potentially losing a major component of their appeal: customer service. Automated systems are taking the place of one-on-one interaction, which has long been a main attractor to locally owned businesses.

At On Time Logistics, we strive to provide not just positive customer relations, but true customer service. What’s the difference? We see customer relations as a department that manages customers’ requests as they arise, whereas customer service strives to be more proactive.

Is true customer service a viable option in this technology-advanced world? We say “absolutely.” Let’s take a look at these four tips for small business to maintain positive customer service in a decreasingly personal business environment. Continue reading

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Our tips for navigating Razorback football logistics









Can you believe that Razorback football is less than two months away? We know it’s been pretty hot in Northwest Arkansas lately so we wanted to offer some thoughts about a time when it will be cooler (eventually!) and one of the most popular times in the region.

The first home game in the schedule is Sept. 3 against Louisiana Tech. Whether you’re an avid fan or prefer to avoid the crowds, you need to be prepared for Razorback football season. We used our own observations, research on various websites, and even student interviews to compile the best tips we could offer. Continue reading

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A mid-year look at the logistics and transportation industries


The logistics and transportation industries are going through many changes as consumer needs evolve. We saw changes in the first part of 2016 and wanted to take a few moments to discuss what we see happening in the last six months of the year. Continue reading

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Meet: Joe Lammey

20160705_072735At one point in his career, Joe Lammey and his wife delivered aircraft engines to places all across the United States. In fact, he’s been to all the states.

Now that Joe is part of the On Time Logistics family, he still loves but without going to each of the United States! Joe joined us in April and makes deliveries for a variety of routes. He enjoys the freedom and variety of being a contract courier, Joe tells us.

“I like not knowing exactly what I will be doing day to day,” he said. “I also like getting paid weekly and like the mobile technology.”
Joe was born in Ames, Iowa and then moved to Wisconsin. He has a rich work history beyond the delivering airplane engines! For example, Joe worked at a dairy farm for 12 years, and he also worked as a home builder for more than two decades.

We mentioned Joe’s wife Sandy—they’ve been married for 48 years. They have two adult children and four grandkids.

Make sure you say hi to Joe when you see him!

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Addressing the supply chain talent gaps

Most of us could not get through a single day without relying on some aspect of the supply chain; whether we realize our dependency or not. Society’s dependence on a successful supply chain makes the fact that there are growing talent gaps across the logistics industry even more problematic.

Like any industry, supply chains must have the skilled human capital for current positions, but they must also have methods for flowing skilled workers up through the pipeline. We see three primary contributors to the supply chain talent gap. Continue reading

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